Feb 14, 2013 9:07 PM by Annie Snead

Undercover flower delivery operation leads to six arrests

Imagine the surprise if you were to answer the door for a flower delivery and end up in handcuffs.
Well that's exactly what the Canon City Police Department wanted when they set up an undercover sting operation where officers posed as flower delivery people.
We spoke to them about their success.
"We had all the trappings of a real company but in fact it was a fictitious company. We had a delivery van, the officers were in plain clothes and they were wearing smocks to indicate they were flower delivery folks," said Chief Paul Schultz.
Paul Schultz says they'd seen this kind of undercover sting done in other cities and thought they'd try it out.
"Operation Sweet Heart Sweep" led to six arrests of people with outstanding warrants, with a variety of reactions.
"One young man was very excited. He thought he had a secret admirer and somebody had sent him flowers and when the undercover officers identified themselves and arrested him he was quite visibly dejected," said Schultz.
Armed with an empty flower box and a box of candy officers went to the door. A "Canon Floral" sign was also on their van.
Carlos Leal was charged with larceny, Patrick McGarry for traffic, and Rene Veenstra for forgery.
Chief Schultz says most of the 40-plus warrants were for traffic violations, some probation violations and municipal ordinances.
"All the officers did a fine job, we had a very successful outcome and we want to wish the community a Happy Valentines Day," he added.


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