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May 9, 2013 9:20 AM by Marissa Torres

Unusual barbecue scare

It's often viewed as one of the first signs of summer, a backyard barbecue. But a little known grilling hazard has re-surfaced, and even sent a teenager to the hospital.

Tristin Beck had an unusual X ray, showing something so small, Tristin's family didn't kow what they were dealing with when he started vomiting days earlier.

"I just remember being in school on Wednesday and just feeling like i was being stabbed in the stomach, I was falling asleep in class and just not feeling good."

Doctors couldn't find the source of his pain until an exploratory surgery provided a good look inside Tristin's stomach, and they spotted a foreign object that had perforated the 16 year old's intestines.

"Well it's crazy, you just don't think about it. we're barbecuing all the time, even in the winter."

The Beck Family did just that on Sunday evening, and used a grill cleaning brush to prep the grill, when a single metal bristle from the brush apparently wound up in Tristin's meal, and then his stomach.

Now he's being fed through a tube while his injury heals.

"At least for the first couple of months, I wont be eating on the bbq. I'll be taking it slow."

The CDC put out a warning about it last summer, and it's recommended you replace those brushes often and inspect them before each use.



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