Dec 30, 2010 1:05 PM by James H Egbert, Matt Stafford

UPDATE: Delta Airlines 757 makes emergency landing at Colorado Springs Airport

"We're a little shaky still, but it's good to be on the ground," says Jace Walker, a passenger on Delta flight 1921. Walker is still trying to catch his breath from the ride he just got off of.

"It was like a movie almost; the guy came on and said, 'folks we're having engine problems,' Walker describes."The first thing you're thinking is, 'Oh my God.'"

He was on Delta flight 1921, heading from Detroit to Phoenix Thursday morning. Delta officials say the pilot of the 757 -- carrying 225 passengers -- got a warning light about an engine problem and had to land in Colorado Springs around 10 a.m.

"Most people on the plane stayed pretty calm; there were a few younger kids and older folks, who were struggling, but the pilot did a great job and got it down good and everyone is alright now," says Walker. "We're on the ground."

Once on the runway the pilot got another warning -- the brakes were heating up. They had to evacuate the plane on the tarmac.

"Two passengers were injured, I heard ankle injuries, while they were going down the slide," explains the airport's Assistant Director of Operations and Maintenance, John McGinley.

Walker saw one of the injuries right in front of him.

"I saw a lady struggling; she landed funny on her ankle," explains Walker.

As for Walker, and the rest of the passengers, they made it through injury free. Other than for the passengers on flight 1921, the landing didn't cause any major delays. A back up flight was scheduled for Walker and the others to arrive in Colorado Springs just after 4 p.m. Due to weather, the flight's take off looked like it would be pushed back at the time of this writing, but airport officials said around 4:30 p.m. that they planned on the flight leaving for Arizona at some point on Thursday.

Walker will just be happy when this ride is over.




A spokesperson for the Colorado Springs Airport tells NewsFirst5 that  Delta flight 1921 en-route from Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport was diverted to Colorado Springs due to a reported problem to one of the two engines on the Boeing 757-300 carrying 224 passengers. 

The aircraft landed safely and two passengers suffered minor injuries while departing the aircraft on the emergency slides. Delta will be re-booking flights for passengers diverted to Colorado Springs so that they can continue on to their destinations.



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