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Feb 8, 2013 8:24 PM by Annie Snead

Update: Elderly woman sexually assaulted, grabs gun to defend herself

CSPD say a 71-year-old woman was sexually assaulted in her home Thursday night.
Police tell us they take any sexual assault extremely seriously but when the victim is elderly, it just moves them to work harder and they want the comfort for her, to know he's not going to return.
"It is heart wrenching for us and it's devastating for her so we're doing everything in our power and asking for the community's help to find this suspect who we consider armed and dangerous," said Barbara Miller with CSPD.
Miller said Thursday night the 71-year-old victim was watching TV when she saw a man looking through her bedroom window, that's when she reached for her gun and ran out of the room into the hall. The man burst in and knocked the weapon out of her hand and then assaulted her.
"She did everything in her power to protect herself and we want to remind people to do that, go to whatever links necessary to protect yourself, in this case she was caught off guard," she said.
We're not showing the home to protect the victim's identity, but it happened in a neighborhood off Boulder Street.
Esther Jacobson is a neighbor and walks every day.
"It's scary but I'm not going to live in fear," said Jacobson.
Bruce Miller is the manager of 7th Wave Car Wash, near where the sexual assault happened.
"A couple of my other employees have recognized the description and know who he is, they've ridden the bus with him before," said Miller.
The suspect is a black male, around 6 feet tall and approximately 25-years-old. He's believed to be homeless. Police also say he was wearing a tan jumpsuit, possibly a pair of Carhartt style coveralls, and tan work boots.
Miller said he isn't surprised this happened in the area it did.
"There's another individual that works here who had the same thing happen in his neighborhood and it's only about a mile and a half a way from here so it's not surprising anymore, people just preying on the elderly and taking advantage of them," he added.


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