Oct 6, 2011 12:13 AM by John Romero

Update: Gymnastics coach accused of sexual abuse

A group of women who trained under a Colorado Springs gymnastics coach in the late 70's and early 80's are coming forward with allegations of years of sexual and physical abuse.

The man at the center of this is 62 year old Doug Boger. The women we spoke to via email and Skype tell us the abuse happened when Boger was running Flairs Gymnastics in Pasadena.

Charmaine Carnes is one of the women coming forward. She tells us Boger started coaching her when she was only 8 years old. She says Boger was popular with kids and parents alike. "He was dynamic and engaging. He was the funnest person you could imagine if you were a little kid." she says, "You wanted to hang out with him all of the time."

Other alleged victims, including a woman we'll call Sabrina tells a similar story. She emails us that she was 9 when Boger began coaching her.

Boger opened a gym in the basement of a Pasadena, California in the 70s. Charmaine recalls the feeling she would have as she walked in to every coaching session. "From one day to the next you only knew by of your foot hit the middle staircase on the way down to the basement, what kind of mood he was in." she says, "You had a feeling of dread that would just come over you because you knew that it was going to be a bad day."

Both Sabrina and Charmaine say they were physically abused by Boger. "It could include anything like strangulation, kicking, pulling you off of the equipment, being burned, being dropped." explains Charmaine.

Some of the women, including Charmaine say the abuse wasn't just physical. "It escalated to groping and fondling." she says. Charmaine and others say it went as far as having sex with Boger. After years of silence these women came forward when they found Boger was coaching in Colorado Springs. "All of us had thought that Doug wasn't coaching until we found out just recently. That's why we came forward, because we didn't want him potentially hurting other girls." she says.

After they went to USA Gymnastics with the allegations, Boger was put in the Permanently Ineligible Members list, meaning he can't coach at any USA Gymnastics member gyms. Recently Boger was coaching at Artsports in Colorado Springs, a non-member gym. He was still able to coach at events, a loophole in the rules. The women want to see that loophole closed. "If we close the loophole by making every gym have to be a members only gym, then I think we could accomplish what we set out to do." explains Charmaine.

We tried to contact Boger at his home and on the phone. He didn't answer the door or return any of our calls.



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