Jan 4, 2010 12:29 PM by John Romero

US Air done in Colorado Springs

Sunday night the last US Airways flight out of Colorado Springs departed for Phoenix. Reaction from those who fly came quick. "It's going to be a pain having to use the other airlines," says Andrew Washington. His kids routinely fly US Air out of Colorado Springs. "My son flies from Phoenix to here all of the time and this is going to make it more difficult," he says, "I don't think it's fair to inconvenience the passengers and the employees." Bill Hoffermeyer is another one of those frequent fliers to Phoenix. "I don't understand why US Airways is leaving us....The flight down and the flight back were full."

Without direct flights to Phoenix anymore, travelers now have to look at other options including DIA. "We might have to go to DIA and that is an experience," says Washington, "I'm not looking forward to that." Hoffermeyer echoes those sentiments. "I think it's a nuisance. I like to go to Phoenix and I don't like to go to DIA." he says. "They (the airport) need to fix it quick." says Washington, "You're inconveniencing everybody."

We did speak with officials from the airports. They tell us budget wise they had already prepared for the loss and it shouldn't affect day to day operations much. They tell us the US Air flights to and from Phoenix only accounted for about 6% of the total flights out of the airport. They are in talks with other airlines to resume those non-stop trips and hope to have a new service in place by this summer.



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