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May 13, 2013 9:54 AM by Marissa Torres

Vein health is more than cosmetic

No one likes to be seen with bulging varicose veins, purple discolorations, or swelling in the legs. But appearance alone shouldn't be your main reason for getting treatment.

"People think that what we do is cosmetic, and it's far from it."

In fact, Dr. Gordon Gibbs with Rocky Mountain Vein Institute says 98% of what they do is covered by health insurance.

"People come to us with heaviness, cramping, restlessness, they have trouble sleeping, problems that really influence most of their day."

30 million americans suffer from venous disease. Dr. Gibbs says conditions, like varicose veins, are often a sign of other medical issues.

"They're larger veins on the inside of the leg that are connected to the spider veins that bother them, but it's not necessarily the spider veins that are the problem. they're the result of the problem."

Treating venous disease has improved over the years because of medical advancements. The procedure you're watching is called "radio frequency ablation." Using ultra sound, doctors are able to locate the problem vein more precisely, insert a catheter, and seal the vein closed.

"Most of what we do is just a little {puncture} in the skin, maybe a millimeter or tow in length. (55:52) "because the treatments are that simple, people walk right out. usually takes 30 minutes to an hour."

Rocky Mountain Vein Institute is offering free screenings through the month of June, in conjunction with National Women's Health Week. For more information, visit National Women's Health Week website for a complete listing of events across Colorado.



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