Nov 11, 2012 6:40 PM by Lacey Steele

Veterans in Pueblo talk about what this day means to them

On this day, many veterans say the world stops just to remember the sacrifices they made.

Many of them laid their brothers to rest decades ago during wars overseas, and to this day they do not forget why they served their country.

We went out in search of veterans in Pueblo, the Home of Heroes.

Here's what Veterans Day is to them in their own words.

"It's very special because freedom is not free," said Jim Woodall, a Pueblo resident who served in the Vietnam War.

"The veterans are the ones that made this country free," said Joe Talbott, a Pueblo resident who served in the Vietnam War.

"Veterans since the beginning of this country's founding to now have paid for that freedom so you and I can stand out here on a corner and talk about freedom," said Woodall.

"They have a lot of sacrifices they have to make," said Mary Jane Talbott, a Pueblo resident who's father served in World War II. He has now passed on. "I mean, they're huge sacrifices, and sometimes it's their lives. In the case of my father, my mother struggled trying to keep body and soul together."

"Pray and just keep them in our minds, especially ones that are serving right now," said Joe Talbott. "The ones that are serving overseas in Afghanistan and Iraq."

"Call them and thank them," said Woodall. "I get telephone calls from people that I've met over my life who call me on this day or text me these days and just thank me for my service to the country."

Veterans also tell us they love being able to spend time with their loved ones on this special day and hearing many "thank you's" just from those they meet at restaurants and around town.



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