Jun 20, 2014 12:36 AM by Maddie Garrett

Vets De-Bunk Ice Water Warning for Dogs

A warning for dog owners is making the rounds on the internet, telling people not to give their dogs ice or ice water if they're overheated. The blog, titled "No Ice Water for Dogs... Read ASAP" is spreading on the internet and social media sites like Facebook, it's even made it onto some radio stations in Southern Colorado.

The writer warns that her Corgi suffered from bloat, a serious and sometimes fatal condition, after she gave her dog ice water.

With so many dog owners in our area, News 5 investigated the claims, to find out if the ice-cube warning is fact fiction. Veterinarian Dr. John Sudduth, owner and director of Northwest Animal Hospital in Colorado Springs, is refuting the warning.

"Throwing some ice cubes in there for the average dog and situation shouldn't be a big deal," said Sudduth.

Sudduth said some dogs might not handle ice as well as others, and could cause vomiting or discomfort, but it won't be fatal.

"If they drink a lot of cold water with ice cubes in it, it could upset their stomachs a little bit," he said.

But ice isn't the cause of bloat. Sudduth explains what can cause this dangerous condition.

"After exercise you want to be very careful, especially in some breeds, that could drink a lot of water and then eat a lot of food, and in those situations it can result in a gastric bloat," explained Sudduth.

It's a lot of water followed by food, combined with exercise, that can cause bloat. The temperature of the water is not a factor.

"Giving average amounts of ice cubes and ice cubes in water many times is a great idea," said Sudduth.

If you look in the article, the writer did say she gave her dog food right after giving it the water.

We can officially said the ice water myth is busted, and as Sudduth said, a few ice cubes could help your dog cool down. Just no food after a lot of water or exercise.

Sudduth said some other ways you can cool your dog down safely in the hot summer months is giving them a cold bath, putting cold wet rags under their legs, and keeping that water handy.

He said you should also take them out for walks or exercise during cooler parts of the day, like mornings and evenings. Make sure they have shade and never leave them in a car during the day.

Most importantly, know your dog and what they can handle when it comes to exercise and diet.



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