Nov 3, 2012 8:24 PM by Lacey Steele

Vice President Joe Biden stops in Pueblo

Around 1,200 people packed the gym at Central High School in Pueblo today.

We were there to hear from Vice President Joe Biden during one of his last campaign stops this election season.

It's not the first time Joe Biden's been to Pueblo right before an election.

He calls the Steel City his good luck charm

"One of the last stops I made the last four years was here in Pueblo, the Home of Heroes," said Vice President Biden. "You guys are heroes to me."

He did talk about taxes, jobs, and the economy to once again lay out President Obama's plans, but he also touched on the competition.

Biden feels Mitt Romney has backtracked on several issues.

He adds that's not the type of character he wants in a President.

"It's clear who has character and who does not have character, and my guy's got character," said Vice President Biden. "Barack Obama has the character of his convictions."

Several times the crowd belted out chants of "Joe" or "Four more years!"

One of the issues that got the biggest response today was women's rights.

"Barack and I believe that my daughter, his two daughters, and my four granddaughters are entitled to every single opportunity my sons are entitled to, every single opportunity my grandsons are entitled to," said Vice President Biden. "No exceptions. None."

It was said many times the power is in the vote, so Biden says to make sure your ballot is turned in if you didn't mailed it.

It was a Colorado day for Joe Biden.

Earlier this morning he was in Arvada before coming to Pueblo this afternoon.



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