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May 28, 2014 6:09 PM by Meteorologist Valerie Abati

VIDEO: Storm Chaser Gets Struck By Lightning

Here's why you should NEVER be outside during a lightning storm, or even go near windows for that matter.  

Storm Chaser, Scott Sheppard, got a jolt from chasing storms on Tuesday that he wasn't expecting.  While in South Dakota, Sheppard was watching a storm on the horizon.  He decided he wanted to get better video.  So he rolls down his window, sticks his arm outside the vehicle and continues rolling.

Within seconds, lightning strikes his arm, travels down the vehicle and hits the asphalt.  In the process, his arm and camera go flying.  You can see in the video actual dirt and asphalt come up off the ground from the lightning striking the road.

Sheppard was lucky.  He says that besides a sore arm, he is ok.  However the road and the car didn't fare as well.  Video was taken after the strike of the holes left in the ground from the heat of the lightning.  The car had to be towed.



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