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Aug 11, 2013 8:13 PM by Alyse Rzemek

Volunteers out cleaning up and building comradery

Before the new round of storms rolled in, Manitou springs was back at again on Sunday, cleaning up after massive flood waters wrecked havoc on the area Friday night.

Volunteers from all over Southern Colorado went out to Manitou Springs wading through the mess, flood waters left behind to clean up, while the devastation is hard to handle, many like Volunteer Kristinna Anderson, was happy to help. " For me its very awesome to see random people, strangers and nobody knowing each other coming in and coming together as a family to help.

A lot is getting done on Canon Avenue, damages being assessed, hundreds of buckets of mud being dragged out of basements and thousands of pounds of debris is being picked up and moved out.

Manitou resident, Lisa Dillinder was out working since 9 a.m. shoveling buckets of mud out of basements. "It's definitely hard, hard labor, not just dirty but it's heavy, " she said.

The clean up has been hard work with long hours for volunteers in Manitou Springs, but many are sticking it out to get things back to normal, while building a little community comradery. "It makes me see everybody as equal. Everybody is covered in mud. Nobody sees anything. We all look the same," Anderson said.

Lisa Dillinder agrees, "Feels great fells like we belong here and this is our town. Ownership of our town.. So we'll have stories to tell."

Volunteers are still needing plenty of supplies. They are asking for trash bags, water, and food to keep volunteers properly fueled, along with trucks to help move supplies to and from clean up areas.



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