Jun 16, 2014 11:53 PM by Matt Prichard

Voters decide recreational pot debate

Recreational pot sales could be headed to Canon City after city council voted to put the issue on the November ballot and let voters decide.

"It ought to be a pretty interesting election. We were within a couple of points during the amendment 64 election, so it's going to be a very controversial election year I believe," said Canon City Mayor, Tony Greer.

Council tackling that quickly and moving on to the sales tax that would go along with it, something green business owners say would make a huge impact in their community.

"Put it in the schools, roads, just stuff that we really do need, because all that stuff affects our everyday life! Especially the schools, and the problems in the schools, and all that stuff can probably be helped by the marijuana revenue," said Canna Energy Drinks Owner, Don Evans

"That money could be used for roads and already a portion of it's going to the schools. Which Freemont County, Canon City schools definitely need money just like every other city," said Boomer's Emporium Owner, Becky Dulyea. 

But although they voted in favor of the tax, Mayor Tony Greer doesn't think it'll make a big difference, simply because the buying base isn't there.

"The sales tax is probably not going to be the win/fall that some predicted. We're just not that large of a market and we're not really a destination for that kind of thing," explained Greer.

Regardless it will be interesting to see how this turns out as a split community votes on the controversial topic.

"I'm waiting with baited breath to see the outcome of the election, and ya know, I'll support it either way. The citizens of Canon City will speak and we'll uphold their wishes," said Greer.

We will continue to keep you updated on this story and bring you more details once they become available.



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