Nov 2, 2012 1:55 AM by Jacqui Heinrich,

Voting reminder calls: how they got your number

It's the final stretch of election season and campaign workers on both sides of the aisle are dialing and knocking, trying to get out the vote.

Some people would rather be spared the reminder. We asked our Facebook fans if they'd been contacted or urged to vote; in just an hour more than a hundred replies came in, most saying 'I'm sick of it'. One viewer said she gets 50 calls per day.

So how do campaign officials get your personal info? Alissa Vander Veen of the El Paso County Clerk & Recorder's Office told News 5, "Your voter record is public information. A lot of campaigns purchase that list to know who has voted so they know who is left to talk to."

Your address, phone number, and party affiliation are all public knowledge, and available to campaign workers for a price-- usually about $25 per daily voter report, with revenues going back to the Clerk's general fund.

The Executive Director of the El Paso County Democratic Party says there's a method to the madness. Christy Lelait told News 5 in an interview, "People get tired of the phone calls so we tell them once you vote you'll drop off that list, nobody will be calling you at that point. In Colorado Springs sometimes our races are decided by fewer than 200 votes so yes, your vote does matter and we have to make sure people know that and where to go vote."

The Democrats say all that calling and knocking also allows campaign workers to answer questions about polling places, precincts, and issues. News 5 also contacted Republican campaign officials with interview requests, but never got a response.

Bottom line, if you're a registered voter and havent cast that ballot yet, the phone will keep ringing and door knocks will keep coming right up until November 6th.

If you haven't voted and aren't sure of your precinct since the changes that have happened since the 2008 election, you can go to to check your polling place and precinct number. If you mailed in your ballot, you can also make sure it was received. Friday, November 2nd is the last day for early voting and the last day to pick up a mail-in ballot.


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