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Nov 26, 2012 10:37 AM by Marissa Torres

Walking while you work

We all do it, give excuses for not exercising. Either we're too tired, don't have enough time, or we're stuck at work. But what if you could go to work and work-out at the same time?

When you think of the office, you generally think of a simple desk and chair. But what if you could exchange that chair for a treadmill and still get all your work done?

"I find that doing something with my body while I'm working actually helps me focus better," Says Dr. Chris Wood, who works at a standing desk.

At his new work station, everything Dr. Wood once did sitting, he now does standing while walking very slowly on a treadmill.

"I feel a lot more energetic. It's funny. You would think you would spend all your energy at the desk during the day and then you would be tired in the afternoon or evening. But that's not the case. I find I have more get up and go."

Headmaster Alan Sparrow at the University of Utah is also jumping on board this fitness trend, he says it's in hopes of sending a message to students.

"But you also need to give a message that they need to move. Movement is good. Movement is healthy. Movement helps. The new book called - not new - but a book out called Brain Rules and how exercise actually helps your mind develop."

New studies this year paint a dismal picture of what's happening to the body when we sit. Researchers says our muscles become as silent as a dead horse, our calorie burning rate drops dramatically, and insulin effectiveness falls within a single day. The enzyme that vacuums fat out of the bloodstream plunges.

If somebody gets up and moves just a couple of minutes out of every twenty or sixty minute segment of their day, they can lower their glucose levels and level their insulin levels.

Researchers add, not even 30 minutes of rigorous exercise will reverse the downfall from sitting five to six ours per day at the office.



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