Dec 9, 2011 8:32 PM by Trovette Tottress

Walmart announces plan to open two grocery stores

Walmart has announced that it will open two Neighborhood Market Stores in Colorado Springs. which The new stores will offer all the items you'd find in a traditional grocery store plus more fresh items,  pet supplies, and a pharmacy.

Walmart will transform the abandoned Albertsons on Austin Bluffs near Academy into one of the neighborhood markets. The building has been vacant for ten years. Local economic leaders are thrilled.

"The traditional grocery stores have chosen not to go back in (the abandoned stores) so to not have the vacancy (and) the vandalism that goes with those vacant store fronts is going to be a terrific benefit for those neighborhoods", said Bonb Cope with the City of Colorado Springs.

Walmart will also build a second market store near Palmer Park and Union. These two stores will add 400 jobs and pump millions into the local economy.

"With any new project the first benefit that the city gets is the infusion of construction dollars. There will be millions of dollars for each of these stores that will employee local contractors. So, there will be initial job creation as well", said Bob Cope

The latest news comes just months after Walmart announced it's building two new supercenters.
One near the northwest corner of Academy and Chelton and another at Platte and Murray in the old King Soopers Store.

"Walmart moving in over here is a great idea. Its really going to help the economy. There's so many people out looking for work right now including myself", said Heather Lucas.

But some are worried what the economic effects will be our local and small business'. But Cope says its something small retailers should not fear.

"There's room for everyone in our market. Small retailers can specialize. They're boutique in nature and they can compete with quality selection and service", said Bob Copes.


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