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Apr 16, 2014 10:32 AM by Stephen Bowers

Want to avoid an argument? Eat a candy bar!

As if we need another excuse to eat that candy bar, it turns out eating a candy bar may actually help avoid a fight with your significant other.

According a report from the Associated Press, psychology researchers from Ohio State University studied 107 married couples for three weeks. Blood sugar (glucose) levels of the participants were noted each night. They were then asked to show their aggression by sticking pins on a voodoo doll that represented each person's spouse.

What the study showed was more pins were stuck into the dolls of the participants who had low glucose levels.

Researcher Brad Bushman says glucose is needed for self-control, and anger is already an emotion many people have some difficulty controlling.

The researchers said eating a candy bar might be a good idea if a couple is about to discuss a touchy subject. They also said fruits and vegetables are a better long-term approach to maintaining glucose levels.


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