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Feb 23, 2013 12:24 AM by Eric Ross

Warning for residents looking to renew driver's license online

If you plan on renewing your Colorado Driver's License online, El Paso County is warning residents about a series of renewal sites circulating the web which may be misleading.

Maggie Quinn thought she could beat the long lines at the Department of Revenue by renewing her license electronically.

"I googled 'Colorado driver's license renewal' and a site came up at the top of the listing," she said. "I clicked on it and that's where it started."

She believed she was on the State's web page, but instead was on a third party site meant to look like a renewal site.

Shortly after paying what she thought was a renewal fee, she immediately knew something wasn't right.

News 5 asked, "When you paid the fee, what did they send you?"

"Nothing," Quinn replied. "They gave me a screen that said I'm not eligible to get my license online."

El Paso County Clerk and Recorder Wayne Williams is aware of sites like these and encourages residents to always read the fine print.

"When you type in 'driver's license renewal,' there are some government web sites that you are referred to as well as some private enterprise sites," he explained.

A legitimate state or county operated web site will have a "gov" web URL.

The official state web site to renew your license is



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