Jul 3, 2010 5:40 PM by James Jarman

Watch this story before you drink this weekend

We always tell you about the DUI crackdowns, like the one this 4th of July weekend, but the message just doesn't get through to everyone. 

Drunk drivers are sentenced to listen to victims in a program Mothers Against Drunk Driving helps organize in El Paso County.  Sandee Morgan is one of the victims who speaks to drunk drivers.  She's also spoken to students and lawmakers about her daughter's death.

Angie Morgan, 23, was killed by a drunk driver on I25 near Briargate back in 1999.

"It's just a horrible feeling, it's horrible it's been 11 years for me, but you don't ever get over it," Sandee Morgan told NF5.

She was a paramedic and been at many tragic accidents. She was there when her daughter died, "it was horrible. I mean to hold your child in your arms and look at their broken body, and you wish so bad you could bring them back to life... that it wasn't true."

Her pain is unfortunately all too familiar to other victims NF5's talked to over the years.  Including Mac McCord, he was on the scene when his wife took her last breath after she was hit by a drunk driver.  "It's making it difficult to kind of  function at times, because you are hurting the whole time," he said.

Sandee Morgan talks to a lot of drunk drivers through the MADD program, "almost all of the say 'I didn't think I was that drunk.'" 
She says if you plan to drink, plan to figure out a way to get home. "It's very innocent a lot of times, people will just go to a friends house and go to a picnic, they'll drink and they don't plan ahead, as to how they're going to get home."

In Colorado Springs you can get a free ride home through Designated Driver of Colorado Springs.  They'll even bring your car home.  They're number is 719-650-3450.


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