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Sep 26, 2013 8:20 PM by Maddie Garrett

Water Continues to Flow from House, Two Weeks After Flooding

The flood waters have receded in Colorado Springs, but one home on W. Cheyenne Road continues to be plagued by flowing water.  It started two weeks ago, and the owners can’t seem to figure out why it’s coming from their basement, or how to stop it.

As Bob Jiuditta removed the cover of a sump-pump in his father-in-law’s basement, expressed confusion and frustration about what he’s seeing.

“You just got a constant flow of water running underneath there,” he said.

Jiuditta has been driving down from Peyton to his wife’s family’s house every day to help clean up the mess, and try and stop the water.  He said every day he pulls up, he hopes it’s stopped flowing.

“We figure the water would have stopped by now,” said Jiuditta.

But it hasn’t stopped.  At one point, the water was two feet high in the basement.  They’ve had it pumped of water several times after it continued to flood.

“As they pumped it out the water would keep coming,” he explained.

Jiuditta also installed a new sump-pump, which finally got the rushing water under control.  But the question remains, where is all of this water coming from beneath the house?

“We just can’t seem to find out what is going on, where this water keeps coming from,” said Jiuditta.

News 5 went to the city, and asked if they had any idea what was going on.  So Colorado Springs sent out two of its top engineers to take a look.

Jeff Besse, the City’s Stormwater Specialist, said the house sits in a low area, and it’s possible the water table has risen beneath it during the recent downpours.

“With this amount of rain over that period of time, it’s just compounded the problem to what we’re having now. I am surprised it’s still pumping water out,” said Besse.

What’s more, no one else on the street has this problem.  Besse said he would have thought the next door neighbors would also be experiencing this kind of water.

“It is strange, I’ve never seen anything like this,” he added.

Besse said they also have concerns for the roads, because there’s no telling if and when the water will stop.  And right now it’s flowing down the street into the intersection of 8th Street and W. Cheyenne Road.  If it hasn’t stopped by winter, the water will freeze and cause problems.  Not only that, but continuous water flowing on the road causes damage to the surface.

For Jiuditta and his family, they are worried that if something has shifted or changed under ground, the house’s stability could be in jeopardy.  Besse recommended that they have a geo-technical engineer come out and determine what’s actually happening underground.

FEMA also came out to the house on Thursday to see if they can assist.  News 5 will follow up to find out what happens to the house and if the problem is solved.


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