Nov 25, 2011 8:40 PM by Trovette Tottress

Ways to protect yourself during holiday shopping season

While many of us are focusing on the best deals this holiday season, thieves are focusing on their next victim, shoppers being careless. For example, leaving valuable items in plain view or waiting until they get to the store before placing their valuables in the backseat or the trunk of their car.

"A lot of people arrive in the parking lot and then they will put their purse in the trunk or the back seat from there. Often times thieves will sit in the parking lot watching for just that activity", said Sgt. Joel Kerns with the Colorado Springs Police Department.

Each year thousands are victimized by car break-ins. It's something police say you can help avoid.

"When you're shopping, conduct yourself in a confident manner. When you're walking to and from your car, act like you're walking with a purpose", said Sgt. Joel Kerns.

And while walking to your car, you should make sure you have your keys in hand so that muggers and purse snatchers won't catch you by surprise.

"When you're walking be aware of anyone walking up on you", said Sgt. Joel Kerns.

Many people fall victim to car break-ins because they're typically distracted; like talking on a cell phone or text messaging. In order to avoid becoming a victim you should make sure you pay close attention to your surroundings.

Many malls are stepping up security to provide a safer environment for shoppers. But ultimately it's up to you to protect yourself.

"Once someone takes your items, they're gone. There's no hope of getting them back", said Sgt. Joel Kerns.

It's advice that will hopefully help your holiday gifts get under the tree and not in the hands of criminals.

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