Feb 27, 2013 1:34 AM by Annie Snead

Weed in the workplace: What does Amendment 64 mean for businesses?

Since Amendment 64 passed, many business owners and managers are wondering what their rights are as an employer.
Those with the drug testing company "Conspire" are working to get the information out.
Those at a meeting Tuesday included HR managers, safety managers, and business owners, all there to learn about weed in the workplace.
"(I) wanted to see for my knowledge and for my clients knowledge how it would affect them and what i can do to educate them on those aspects," said Scott Anderson.
Anderson is an independent insurance broker. He's interested in how Amendment 64 will impact employers and how the impairment factor plays into it.
"What the employers rights are if they have an impaired employee that comes to work with it..make sure that we're in compliance with the law and not causing more problems for ourselves as employers," said Anderson.  Jo McGuire, director of compliance and corporate training, advised specific position descriptions showing how impairment would be a safety concern and education on company policy."We typically understand that impairment is not good in the work place but there are times when employers become overwhelmed and confused and they're not sure whether or not that applies to them," she said. She points out language in amendment 64 that shows an employers right to have a zero tolerance policy is protected, but that doesn't mean prohibited."Whether or not that will be accepted at a general assembly level we have yet to see," she said. Another concern from companies is when HR is in another state."The managers here are going, wait a minute , we might need some better enforcement than we already do," she said. 

Mcguire says to have a clear drug policy and enforce it.
She says she's done a dozen of these presentations in the last month because of the demand and they're looking at possibly holding conferences to get larger groups together.


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