Nov 7, 2009 9:04 AM by Jamie Smith

Weight-loss may only be a reflection away

Did you know that losing just ten pounds could transform your health? But how do you really get motivated? Maybe by seeing yourself thin. not in your mind but in a photo?!? Well, there is a new technology helping people visualize their goal clearly.

Aline Mekhdjian has worked hard to lose 30 pounds this year and she's determined to lose 30 more. Now the 28 year-old can see exactly what she'll look like at her goal weight -- thanks to "It was neat to see the thighs are getting a little slimmer, because that's one of your focus points is trying to reduce the lower body." she said.

All she had to do was up load a photo of herself to the free website and voila it shows Aline 30 pounds lighter. "The waist is looking really narrow, and that's what I want to achieve." she says.

Aline plans to post this "after" photo on her fridge. "I think having that visual aid every morning when you wake up or by your refrigerator kind of motivates you to stay away from unwanted foods."

Weight loss experts that were spoke with say that the visual image the website provides could be an excellent motivator, especially for people who've experienced initial weight loss and can't seem to get that number on the scale to budge.

Of course the website is no substitute for workouts, you still need to exercise and eat less.



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