Aug 20, 2011 12:28 AM by Matt Stafford

Weight tops the list of tough topics to talk about with your kids

A news study says "weight" is the more difficult conversation for parents to have with their kids; tougher than sex, drugs, and alcohol.

The information comes from the "Raising Fit Kids" national study, where more than 2,200 parents and children were surveyed on their opinions and perspectives on weight and obesity risk.

     • Parents of teens reported that it is easier for them to talk about sex than their kids' weight. Weight ranked dead last among a list of topics - including sex, drugs, alcohol and cigarettes - that parents felt comfortable discussing with their teens
     • Nearly one-quarter of parents report that they have never discussed weight management and obesity risk with their children, even though parents admit that being overweight poses an immediate health risk to their kids
     • Nearly 20 percent of parents and 23 percent of kids believe doctors should be responsible for teaching children about the risks of being overweight
     • Three out of four kids would be embarrassed to talk to their parents about their weight, despite the fact that 85 percent of kids know being overweight is unhealthy

"Clearly, both parents and kids are avoiding discussions on weight, which only serves to exacerbate the problem. Kids need consistent and effective parental guidance on managing their weight, just as they would on any other issue that affects their immediate and long-term personal health. The key is getting these conversations started early on," says Dr. Susan Bartell, a parenting and child psychologist and author.


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