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Oct 30, 2012 9:52 AM by Marissa Torres

Weightless walking

A training device originally created for astronauts is now helping patients who are unable to walk or run.
We caught up with some walkers living at the Sunny Vista Living Center in Colorado Springs, who are now going almost weightless.
The device is called the Alter G and it helps patients get back their independence. The treadmill essentially encases your lower body in a balloon that reduces your weight. It was originally used as a way to restore strength to astronauts returning from long periods of weightlessness. Now, at Sunny Vista, it's helping a variety of patients who have had strokes, surgery, or just have a difficult time walking on their own.

The Center has had the device for about a month, but Director of Rehab Bridget Moore says she's already getting positive feedback from patients who say getting out of bed is easier, climbing the stairs isn't so painful, and they've even noticed their endurance is slowly improving.



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