Apr 17, 2012 7:18 PM by Lacey Steele

What gas price would make you stop driving?

Gas prices continue to hover just under $4 a gallon around here, but they're likely to go higher as vacation season arrives.

We want to know, what would it take to make you stop driving?

Gas prices aren't what they used to be.

"I can remember when I used to fill up for $20, and now it's more like $50," said Frank Hayden, who just came to this area.

"You do what you have to do even though it's costing you more, and that's the sad part about it," said John Rivera, a Pueblo resident.

Some say they are trying to cut back on driving.

"Just when I need the car or when somebody needs a ride or something," said Gordon Dean, a Pueblo resident. "I'll give them a ride somewhere, but I don't drive a lot because of the price of gas."

But what would it take for you to keep your car parked?

Some say no matter how high the price goes, they can't stop.

"When you have priorities you just do what you need to do, but as a whole, I wouldn't have any reason to stop driving," said Rivera. "I just pay a little more, and get to where I need to be."

Others say they'll know when enough is enough.

"If it goes over five bucks, I would quit driving unless there's an emergency situation," said Dean.

"If they hit $5, I'm going back to my bicycle," said Hayden. "Either that or get me a horse."

Most people we spoke to say $4.50 to $5 is their limit.

The cheapest price we found Tuesday at a non-member station was $3.74 at Western Convenience in Woodland Park.

Click on "traffic" near the top of to find the lowest price in your neighborhood.



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