May 13, 2014 12:15 AM by Maddie Garrett

What to Do About Late Spring Freeze if You've Already De-Winterized

Southern Colorado is having a nice winter this spring, so to speak. The late-spring cold snap can cause problems for your home and your family, especially if you've already de-winterized your home.

If you ask anybody in Southern Colorado, they'll probably tell you they're past this cold, snowy weather.

"It's so cold and it's so late in the year," said Chase Barnett of Colorado Springs.

With recent warm weather, it had a lot of people thinking shorts and sunshine.

"I don't like it I am ready for summer," said Ashley Eldridge of Colorado Springs.

She's not the only one done with the cold temps. Her dog Coconut doesn't like the lingering winter either.

"She can't go out as much as she wants to and I have to close my dog door," said Eldridge.

With the recent warm temperatures we've been having, it's important to remember we're not out of the woods yet when it comes to pets being outside. This dip below freezing is too cold for them.

"We would encourage to bring your pets inside if at all possible," said Gretchen Pressley, Communications Specialist with the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region.

If it's not possible, still make sure your pets have a warm shelter outsdie.

"We recommend a shelter that is up off the ground in case there's any moisture on the ground, some warm bedding for them and kind of blocks out the wind," said Pressley.

Many people might have already put their plants in the ground outside. But when temperatures drop into the 20's, even the hardiest of plants might not make it.

Home Depot nursery specialist Brian Porter said there's a few mistakes people tend to make when there's a freeze warning.

"They'll cover things with plastic and that's not good, you still need the oxygen and air to flow around the plants," said Porter. "Another common mistake is they don't water."

What you should do is use fabric to cover your plants and give them extra water before the freeze.

As for the pipes, you can still run water if you're pipes aren't insulated. But your sprinkler system will likely be ok if you've already de-winterized it. That's because they're below ground and this cold weather, luckily, won't last.



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