Dec 25, 2012 6:53 PM by Tony Spehar -

White Christmas for Colorado Springs

The dream of a white Christmas came true this year as people awoke to find Colorado Springs covered in snow.

The sledding hill at Cottonwood Park was covered with kids and parents who went out to have fun in the snow. Many had never seen a white Christmas before.

"This is our first white Christmas, we normally see these in the postcards and the calendars, but this is our actual first white Christmas," explained Janell Galius, who was visiting from Hawaii. "In fact we have our A/C on during December."

But Janell Galius and her family had seen snow before Tuesday morning, that wasn't the case for Marcela Ortegon who came from Bogota, Colombia.

"It's beautiful and it's like a movie, I'm in a movie," described Ortegon, who tried sledding for the first time. "I think I'm ready, I'm not sure what will happen, but I think I'm ready."

Most everyone out on the hill at Cottonwood Creek Park agreed the best part about the snow was that it gave them more holiday fun to have with their families.



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