Sep 9, 2012 12:50 AM by Jacqui Heinrich

Widefield high schooler flashes genitals, shouts profanities at 10-year-old

A Widefield High School sophomore boy flashed his genitals at three fifth grade girls on Thursday. Though one victim's father is happy with the school's reaction, he's worried the El Paso County Sheriff's Office isn't doing enough.

Jack Armstrong says his 10-year-old daughter will be forever scarred by what she saw, but it's what she heard that leaves him calling for a charge of attempted sexual assault. He says the boy's profane language was so strong, he couldn't repeat it on camera; he allegedly demanded sexual acts.

"I'm outraged over it," Armstrong says, "She was very distraught, she was concerned for her safety. She feels she wasn't touched or anything, but she feels violated."

The indecent exposure happened on the track field, where the fifth grade class was having physical education class. Armstrong is relieved the teacher in charge sprung into action and called security-- quickly having the offending boy detained-- but he's concerned the Sheriff's Office isn't taking the situation seriously enough. "Attempted sexual assault is how I would take it, but the cop was saying it [the charge] was going to be indecent exposure."

School administrators aren't acting lightly. James Drew, the District 3 spokesperson, told News 5, "He [the suspect] is not in school and won't be until the until the investigation is complete. Depending on the results of the investigation, additional disciplinary action could be taken by our Board of Education."

Some question if having schools with such disparate age groups right next to each other is wise, but Drew says the past fifty hears passed without incident. "This is very, very, very much out of character for our kids at Widefield High School," Drew says.

Out of character or not, Armstrong wants to make an example out of the incident. "I would like to have him charged with the fullest extend of the law, strong enough to deter any other kids from getting into a similar situation. Youre almost an adult, 15 year olds know the difference between right and wrong," he explains.

Other family members agree. The victim's aunt, Lauri Armstrong, told News 5, "A part of her innocence was lost from that incident and I'm sad that that happened. I think that what we can take from this is to teach your kids what to do if something like this happens."

The victim's father says he hopes the Sheriff's Office understands the gravity of what happened to his daughter and the long-term impact it could have on her mental health. He says if the boy is not charged with attempted sexual assault, he won't hesitate to file a lawsuit.

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