May 22, 2011 11:38 PM by John Romero

Widefield residents upset over sewage flood

Widefield residents are up in arms after a sewage backup flooded several homes along Widefield Boulevard on Friday.

"I walked by (my basement door) and I thought something aint right. So then I opened up the door to the steps and just looked down to the bottom and you could see that brown coating... The flood from the sewage." explains Widefield resident Bill Collins. He and his wife have already filled a dumpster with sewage logged carpets and other items from his basement.

It seems this wasn't nearly the first time this neighborhood has dealt with this. "I've had it happen in my basement 5 times!" says Sandra Bailey who lives just down the block from Collins. Bailey has spent thousands on repairs. A back flow valve has stopped the sewage from entering her basement, but just 2 weeks ago she had washer water back up because the sewer was overflowing. "The plumber was out May 5th for 10 hours. We had nothing in our line. Widefield said they had nothing in their line." she explains, "Around 8:30 that evening they brought out a truck that went down into one of their sewers and all of the sudden everything cleared out."

Bailey tells us Widefield Water hasn't taken responsibility for many of the floods. "Most of the time they would say it was not their fault, that it was our lines." she says. Collins has heard the same thing during his flood. He tells us Widefield Water has agreed to pay for cleanup and sanitation but that's it. "They were not going to pay for any repairs." he explains, "They weren't going to help the homeowners do any repair to their places. That was supposed to be on us."

Collins knows it's going to cost him. "We have a $1000 deductible on our insurance. I imagine we'll eat that up pretty fast." he says. But he still holds out hope that something can be agreed upon before he and others take it to the courts. "Maybe Widefield will come through and say yeah, we'll care of it which would be nice. It would save a lot of problems." he says, "It'd be nice too if we didn't have to all get together and try to find some kind of attorney."

For balanced coverage we tried to contact Widefield Water for comment. They told us they will not have any comment until Monday.



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