Mar 9, 2011 5:03 PM by Greg Boyce

Wildlife Officer warn snowmobile operators to stay away from wildlife

The Colorado Division of Wildlife is reminding people to avoid harassing wildlife as they enjoy Colorado's back country. The DOW is starting a public education campaign primarily aimed at snowmobilers and snowmobile rental companies. Wildlife officials say they're seeing too many videos posted on popular social video websites that show people chasing and harassing moose while riding snowmobiles.

"Moose don't behave like deer or elk," says DOW Area Wildlife Manager Lyle Sidener. "You can't 'shoo' them off a trail. Moose don't see people as threats and they will stand their ground, or possibly attack."

Wildlife officers will be contacting snowmobile rental companies and providing them with literature that can be distributed to customers.

Wildlife Officers believe at least one video available on the internet which shows a snowmobile chasing a moose was shot in Grand County on Colorado's western slope.

If a moose attacks, it can be a life-threatening situation. Although moose have shed their antlers by this time of year, their hooves are their primary defense and they will kick and stomp on any perceived threat. Although attacks are rare, several people in Colorado have been injured by moose including one fatality in 2005.


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