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Aug 18, 2013 8:56 PM by Monica Gouty

Wildlife officers hope Pueblo County bear will leave area on its own

A black bear has been spending most of the day stranded in a tree east of Pueblo. The bear was first spotted in the area of 32nd Lane and Hwy. 96, near the airport. The Division of Parks & Wildlife says officers have been in the area throughout the day and are keeping an eye on the bear. Ultimately, they plan to leave the area, and hope all area residents will do the same. Wildlife officers say the best thing that can happen is for the bear to come down from the tree on its own, and head back to the wild. The bear is unlikely to come down on its own if there are people nearby.  

The Division of Parks & Wildlife says it's especially important for people to keep their distance from the bear because this animal is not tagged, but if it comes into contact with people and they are forced to remove it, it will become tagged. Once that happens the bear will likely be put down if it makes its way back into a populated area. 


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