Sep 30, 2009 11:52 PM by Bill Folsom

Will H1N1 impact Colorado school count?

The impact of H1N1 on school attendance couldn't come at a worse time. October 1st is school count day, which is the measure for determining each Colorado School's budget for next year.

Each student brings a school around $6,000 for next year's budget. If students are absent they don't get counted.

There are districts with large numbers of students out with flu like symptoms that could be H1N1. It will impact count day, still school leaders stand by the call to stay home if there are flu like symptoms. It's more difficult when kids are absent, but there is still a way to get them counted if they're back to school soon. Elaine Naleski with Colorado Springs School District 11 explains, "Because they give us [a] month window total, it's not really as dramatic as some people think it might be." Counting a student that is gone tomorrow requires lot of paperwork rather than a simple mark in attendance rolls if they are in class on count day. 



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