Dec 11, 2012 9:00 PM by Siera Santos,

Will medical marijuana facilities go extinct?

Now that Amendment 64 is part of the state constitution, medical marijuana facilities are left with two options: stay patient-based or open their businesses to recreational users.

Bill Fodge, the owner of MMJ Supply, has already made his decision.

He's going recreational.

Fodge represents the minority of medical marijuana businesses owners. He insists the medical marijuana business isn't as lucrative as folks think it is. If shops continue selling only on doctor's orders, they'll be weeded out.

"More than likely that model is going to go away or you're just going to see a few stores in the state of Colorado," Fodge said.

"Basically, we have no other choice, probably, than to go to recreational."

The soonest adults 21 or over can buy pot for recreational use will be a year or more. But potential customers are eager. Every day, MMJ Supply gets excited walk-ins hoping to purchase product.

While it's legal to possess up to an ounce of marijuana, you can't buy without a prescription.

When recreational marijuana does become available, Fodge thinks pot tourism will draw smokers to Colorado similar to Amsterdam. However, with increased availability, he believes the quality of product will likely decline. He plans to separate the medical grade from the recreational grade.

"We're going to have a one ‘bud-tender' to handle strictly recreational," said Fodge, "and one that handles medical for medical patients that need specifics."

He likens it to a liquor store. If you're just looking to get drunk, why buy the $100 bottle when the cheap stuff does the job?


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