Apr 11, 2011 8:52 PM by Stephanie Collins

Windy weather means big business for local roofers


Roofing companies in Southern Colorado are very busy replacing missing shingles and in some cases whole roofs, thanks to our extremely windy conditions, "When the winds start blowing this hard we see damage to all kinds of roofs," says Kevin Tebedo with Western Roofing.

It's not good news for your roof, but it is good news for local roofing companies. They say if you've lost a few shingles it's not an emergency, but you shouldn't wait too long, "If you don't replace them very soon, you can damage the underlayment and could eventually end up with leaks inside your house," adds Tebedo.

Our turbulent weather and the discontinuation of the "T-Lock shingle," previously popular on the Front Range, has caused a surge in the number of roofing companies in Southern Colorado, "Pikes Peak Regional Building Department has never seen such a high number of roofers applying for licenses, that means that people know were in need and they're all swarming here," explains Katie Carrol with the Better Business Bureau.

The high number of roofers makes finding a good one a daunting task, but the Better Business Bureau says there are a few things you should look for, "One of the things that's a little bit of a red flag is when roofers go door to door," says Carrol

The BBB adds that a lot of times the companies going door to door aren't licensed, so be sure to ask. Reputable companies have also often been in business in the area for a number of years, "I also want to know that they have a physical location here in the springs or somewhere. Somewhere that I can go to," adds Carrol.

Once you find a roofer, remember to get everything in writing. You can search through the BBB's database to find a reputable roofer, click here.



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