Nov 15, 2010 6:08 PM by John Romero

Witnesses talk about I-25 pileup

A busy stretch of I-25 ended up looking more like a demolition derby Monday morning. A 34 car pile up closed the highway in the northbound lane near Larkspur for about four hours. 12 people were taken to the hospital. It left everyone involved understandably shaken. "It was kind of scary. Very scary actually." said Brad Simpson who witnessed the crash. "You just came over that hill and this was right there so everybody just slammed the breaks on." said Jeff Brown.

There was broken glass and ripped metal everywhere and cars were totaled. Jim Butler narrowly missed catastrophe himself. "I saw semis start to lose control and then I got on the brakes. Fortunately I missed the car in front of me. But yeah, it's quite a mess." he says. "The cars that were in front of us were pretty much spinning out of control and doing 360s." added Carl Howell.

Most people like Simpson were left wondering what happened. "It was really bad snow." he explains, "It was something where a lot of people were driving way too fast for conditions." Others, like Butler, just did whatever they could to help those in need. "I feel bad." He says, "There's an elderly gentleman up there who was in a Cadillac and he's got a little dog with him. I'm taking it home and hopefully we can get back in touch with him and he's ok."



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