Oct 7, 2012 12:45 AM by Jacqui Heinrich,

Woman confronts 'Peeping Tom'

A neighborhood is on high alert in downtown Colorado Springs after a 'Peeping Tom' was caught taking photos through a young woman's bedroom window. Police found break-in tools at the scene: a multipurpose utility tool with a glass cutter, several knives, and a tire gauge.

Ayanna Martinez heard noises outside her home on the 200 block of East Monument Street just before 3:00 AM early Saturday morning. When she went out to investigate, she caught a man with a camera pushed up against her bedroom window. Martinez says the man's reaction was just as scary as the crime; instead of running, he confronted her, ripping a cigarette out of her hand and crumbling it.

"Absolutely I feel violated," Martinez told News 5. "Mostly because not only is there someone looking, but there's someone with a camera-- he's taking photographs, he's keeping things. I'm thinking now what's the next step? Do you eventually try and break in? It's terrifying."

Not one to let a face-to-face introduction scare her into submission, she's rallying the troops, going house to house to give neighbors the suspect description.

Some neighbors recalled hearing noises during the time of the crime, and promised to keep watch. "I've got a baseball bat and I've got guns, and I'm not afraid to use them," Rich Landry said. Bob Lilly agreed, saying "I did hear sounds last night but I just kind of ignored them-- I won't ignore them again. This is invasion, it puts you on alert and on defense."

Police are monitoring the area for further reports. The suspect is descriped as a caucasian male, early thirties, approximately 5' 10", with blonde hair and a round face. He was last seen wearing a black pea coat and black pants.

Police say never confront a suspect; call 9-11.


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