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Mar 8, 2013 10:29 AM by Marissa Torres

Woman loses more than a hundred pounds on special diet

For some-- losing weight can be a struggle. If you find yourself hoping from one diet to another with little success-- one doctor in Pueblo says she just may have the solution for you.

"I've lost 113 pounds, 16 pant sizes.... It's still.. It's still a little overwhelming."

Bernadette Tiffany is still coming to grips with her new reality.

"I had tried so many diets over the years, just about name them and I tried."

Years of frustration eventually lead her to Dr. Rina Shinn of Adonis Cosmetic Surgery & Spa.

"We try to teach people how their body actually works, what the digestive hormone is about, how the water works in your body and all that kind of stuff."

The Adonis Diet was created by Dr. Shinn herself, based on her own struggle with weight. The program takes a multi-platform approach to weight loss. First- moving patients to a more natural, lean and low- fat diet. Second-- a look at medical conditions.

Vitamin B12 is given to help boost energy levels. Like many women, Bernadette had a hormone imbalance that made it more difficult to lose weight. The biggest part, however, is having each patient sit down with a counselor every few weeks.

"I didn't have the most self confidence and the most belief in myself, so that was the hardest part to get over."

Bernadette reminds people that the process is slow. She started the Adonis diet about 4 years ago, but says it took more than a year until she noticed obvious results.

Something to keep in mind, Part of the diet also involves a limited supply of a prescription appetite suppressant. Dr. Shinn says she doesn't have patients keep a food journal or count calories because it's not a realistic approach.



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