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Jan 20, 2014 7:19 PM by Annie Snead

Your Healthy Family: 90 Day Challenge

A 90 day health challenge is about to begin in our community and Olympic athletes are a big part of it.
But getting healthy doesn't have to be a feat of Olympic proportions.
"Obviously people can do little things too, it doesn't have to be activity related , it could be I want to eat fruits and vegetables and I want to get one more serving than I did the last day," said Anna Taylor.
Taylor is a well being coordinator at Memorial Hospital.
Their new 90 day health challenge starts in February through the winter Olympics and into summer.
It's all about getting the community healthier.
"You think about mental health, stress management, different things like that..those are all contributing to a healthy lifestyle so a lot of people immediately think of fitness and exercise but there's things you can do, just expressing gratitude every day is going to make you happier," said Taylor.
One of the people taking part in the health challenge - a U.S. Olympic gold medal winner for speed skating.
Joey Cheek's goal is to compete in the national championships for masters track and field.
"It's a challenge you know, running is not speed skating and in fact speed skaters are notoriously bad runners usually. So for me it's learning new techniques and learning a new method of training to try and be as best as I can be at a new sport. And I don't expect to be an Olympian, but you can always have your own individual goals," said Cheek.
He says once you get into athletics - it's sort of in your blood.
Now he's got this new goal-- and hopes to help other people commit to theirs.
"Take a small step and find a friend, if you're signing up and doing it on your own, it's easy to sign up and easy to forget. But if you've got a buddy you're signing up with or another friend and you guys can commit to some sort of goal together it's a lot easier to do it as a team," he added.
For more information on how you can take part in the challenge head to:


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