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Jun 23, 2014 7:01 PM by Annie Snead, NBC

Your Healthy Family: Autism and Pesticides

A new study finds a link between exposure to pesticides during pregnancy and autism.
The research from the university of California Davis included children diagnosed with autism and where their mothers lived during their pregnancy.
They then compared those addresses to maps detailing agricultural pesticide use.
They found women who lived near fields or farms where these pesticides were used were more than 60 times more likely to have a child with a developmental delay or autism.
News 5 spoke with a local occupational therapist at the Shandy Clinic in Colorado Springs about the findings.
"I was refreshed to see new studies that are kind of willing to go in newer directions with environmental toxins whether it be pesticides or air pollutants, I think it's an area that definitely needs to be looked at further," said Kate Lovato, an occupational therapist.
Lovato adds while this can be scary for moms to see, it's more of a correlative stage than a definite cause.
These findings confirm previous studies, leading researchers to recommend pregnant women avoid contact with these pesticides if possible.


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