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Mar 6, 2014 7:16 PM by Annie Snead

Your Healthy Family: Breast Density

Colorado lawmakers are considering joining other states to require mammograms to include a special notice to women.
Along with the imaging report sent to women after they get a mammogram, they'd receive a notice if their breast density is high.
Women who have very dense breast tissue have an increased risk of getting breast cancer.
A doctor we spoke with at Memorial Hospital says it's a good thing for patients to know their risk level of developing breast cancer.
The concern is - if they're only given that information and not the education, it could create confusion and fear.
But it could also bring women in who wouldn't necessarily get the yearly check up.
"If someone gets a letter that says you have grade four breast density, this is a risk factor for getting breast cancer, maybe that will motivate them to be sure that they're really being good with their mammograms and doing breast exams and seeing their physicians every year for breast exams. To me, that would be the benefit of legislation like this," said Dr. Laura Pomerenke, a breast surgeon at Memorial.
Dr. Pomerenke also reminds women to get your yearly mammograms starting at 40.
The bill has cleared the House and awaits a vote in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee.


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