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Apr 17, 2014 6:45 PM by Annie Snead

Your Healthy Family: E-Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have been around for years now, but there's still a lot we don't know.
We spoke with local health experts about why they hope there will eventually be some oversight.
"They're not regulated like the regular tobacco cigarette industry has regulations, they're not even taxed like regular cigarettes, so it's definitely something we need to address," said John Streit with the American Lung Association in Colorado.
He says when it comes to E-cigarettes, the unknown is cause for concern.
"We need The White House to encourage or give the green light to the FDA to provide oversight in the E-cigarettes industry," said Streit.
He says they need good studies to help understand what the potential health risks are.
"E-cigarettes are really not covered by the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act, therefore folks can use them in some indoor settings," said Susan Wheelan with El Paso County Public Health.
She says E-cigarettes are classified as a tobacco product in Colorado but it's for the purpose of insuring minors can't purchase them.
She says the marketing is very appealing to kids.
"The advertising is coming across, it's slick, it's cool, no problem, wow I want to look cool and use it, when in fact, we don't know the dangers fully about this product," Wheelan said.
Some use E-cigarettes as a method to quit smoking however it is not an approved method for cessation by the FDA.


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