Aug 13, 2013 8:44 AM by Lacey Steele

Your Healthy Family: Faster Laser Surgery for Vision

Laser eye surgery continues to advance.

In Your Healthy Family, a new laser device claims to be the fastest in the world, correcting vision in just seconds.

Many patients admit while glasses help them see, they also hold them back.

It can be hard to wear glasses for jobs that require a lot of physical activity or special protective eyewear, so many of them are turning to laser surgery to correct their vision.

Now they have the option of the WaveLight EX500.

Unlike normal laser surgery, this new laser even dramatically reduces the risk of seeing halos or glare at night.

"With this laser beam shaped like a cylinder we can deliver energy to the center of the cornea and the outside of the cornea, so the normal shape of the cornea is maintained," said Dr. Ella Faktorovich of Pacific Vision Institute.

The treatment takes just seconds, reducing the problem of dry eye tissue, and recovery is dramatically shortened.

That means 20/20 vision will happen within just a couple of weeks instead of the traditional three months.



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