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Mar 28, 2014 7:38 PM by Annie Snead

Your Healthy Family: Getting in Shape

Now that spring is here many of us are focused on getting in shape for summer.
We spoke with those at the National Strength and Conditioning Association in Colorado Springs about how you can make sure you'll stick with a routine.
"Keep it simple, if you're not doing anything, just do something and start with a little bit each day and gradually progress it as you're able to do more," said Scott Caulfield, head strength coach at the NSCA.
He says if you haven't been active - keep it basic in the beginning.
"Their nervous system is going to react quicker, so sometimes that will encourage people to load up the weight and do more than they probably should and then you're going to be super sore and not want to work out again," said Caulfield.
And even if it's just ten minutes at time, a couple times a week, it's a start.
"Having people to work out with helps you a lot, helps your accountability, gives you motivation when you know you someone else to look forward to training with," he said.
Not only can working out help with physical improvements, but it makes you feel better; and gives you energy throughout the day.
Also - don't be afraid to seek help.
"It's funny if we're going to learn how to swim, or learn how to play golf we'll go take a lesson or take swimming lessons but for some reason people with fitness think well I can just read a magazine or just start on my own. But you have so many great resources especially in Colorado Springs for qualified professionals to help you with a program," added Caulfield.
Another way to stick with it - mark a specific time on your calendar each day to exercise - just like you would for meetings at work.


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