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Jun 26, 2014 7:41 PM by Annie Snead, NBC

Your Healthy Family: Getting the Flu Mist

A group of government advisors say kids should get flu mist, the nasal flu vaccine -- instead of the shot.
The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices has recommended children ages two to eight receive the needle-free flu vaccine called flu mist.
The committee agreed with studies that proved the nasal vaccine is more effective than the shot for this age group.
The CDC is not required to follow their advice, but they usually do.
However, children under age two would still need to get the regular flu shot.
News 5 spoke with Dr. Jamie Glover at Memorial Hospital who says without either there's no protection.
"I can tell you as a person who sees the flu regularly in the clinic, that people who get the flu - even the ones who don't get complications - feel like they're going to die. It's not fun. I've gotten the flu vaccine every year as a physician and I'm so glad I do because when I see people with the flu it's tough," said Dr. Glover.
Dr. Glover recommends not to delay getting a shot if the nasal spray is unavailable.
And be sure to consult with your physician - while a majority of kids will be able to receive the nasal vaccine, it's still case by case.


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