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Feb 26, 2014 4:22 PM by Annie Snead

Your Healthy Family: Juicing and Detoxing

Ever wanted to try juicing or detoxing, but wonder if it helps or harms?
News 5's Annie Snead has what you need to know, in this special edition of Your Healthy Family.
"It was rough, (laughs) it was rough, because I wasn't used to juices but I got through it," said Agnes Zawadzki.
The first time she tried juicing it wasn't easy.
"I was so hungry but I would say by like the second day, the last half of the second day I was starting to feel a lot better, and then once the third day ended I was like I could keep doing this," said Agnes.
She is a figure skater and very fit. She found out about juicing on the internet and decided to try it.
"For me sometimes I feel I just need to cleanse my body and my mind, and kind of do like a full on reset, I do it when I feel kind of blah," she said.
She says her eating habits change drastically and a juice cleanse curbs her sweet tooth.
She's done several three day juice cleanses, but she also juices each day to get all her fruits and vegetables in.
It's not cheap, around $60 a day for the store bought cleanses.
"But you're paying for quality, you're paying for fresh organic juice," Zawadzki said.
While weight loss is not her motivation, it is for many.
Dr. Llyod Strode with Memorial Hospital says it depends on which program you use, but severe detoxing: "Mostly just liquids, juicing, limited calories, maybe 500-600 calories, maybe you even use a colonic," said Strode.
Can cause you to feel weak, have headaches and body aches.
"You can't exercise because you're not taking enough calories and then once you go back to a normal diet of course all the weight comes right back on," said Dr. Strode.
Basically there's no quick fix.
He says by just living a healthy lifestyle-- your body does a good job of detoxing itself.
"Limit your alcohol and salt intake, use whole foods, like non processed foods, fresh foods, vegetables, lean meat, lean fish, chicken, beef," said Dr. Strode.
"Juicing is healthy, but if you use it to detoxify then I think you're limiting the calories, limiting your protein and probably making you sick," he said.
For agnes, she says if you're going to do it, you have to find what's right for you.
"Don't try to push yourself and if you don't complete it you tried's a good step in the right direction and you made a change for yourself that could help you in the end." 


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