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Mar 21, 2014 8:00 PM by Annie Snead

Your Healthy Family: Living with Diabetes

Living with diabetes can be a real struggle.
But one local man tells News 5's Annie Snead after his diagnosis, he worked with a dietician-- with great results.
Alfredo Nevarez has totally changed his lifestyle, for the better.
"Now I eat completely different in many ways, I look at labels, I look at the carbs that foods have, the calories, I look at portion size," said Nevarez.
He says the past three months have made a big difference:
"I was able to drop my A1C levels to a 6.5 which I'm only 1/10th away from being at pre diabetic A1C levels," he said.
He also lost 23 pounds and dropped his glucose levels to normal.
He and his wife walk at fountain creek park almost every day..
"I feel healthier and my whole family has benefited because many of times diabetes is genetic so I talked to my daughter my son," he said.
He's been working with a Clinical Dietician at Memorial Dosptial - Patricia Kulbeth.
"What we teach them is healthy eating for persons with diabetes..and your carbs are the nutrient that increases your blood sugar levels more than say your protein and fats do," she said.
Kulbeth says she focuses on carbohydrate counting.
She says making an impact in Alfredo's life has made her feel grateful.
"He called me and said hey I'm off my diabetes meds, thank you, I've lost the weight. I'm going to keep it off and I know how to do carbohydrate counting and I thought yes!" said Kulbeth.
Alfredo says the change is hard-- but has been well worth it to get a handle on his disease.
"The affects can be blindness, you can lose limbs, you can have other heart problems, so it's good to address it quickly and live a healthy life and hopefully a longer life," he added.


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