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Aug 27, 2013 11:38 AM by Annie Snead

Your Healthy Family: Local baby saved by donated breast milk

Moms across the US are giving their breast milk to help babies who need it, including a local baby.
Today Gareth Egolf is a healthy, happy baby; but earlier this year he couldn't keep anything down, that's when his parents turned to Mothers' Milk Bank.
"The mothers who have donated the milk, they're the ones who make this all possible and they're literally saving baby's lives like Gareth," said Mandy Egolf, Gareth's mom.
Mandy and Gabriel's son Gareth was born with a posterior tongue tie. He couldn't nurse and had to use a special bottle.
And mandy had to stop pumping due to health issues.
"He had a violent reaction to all of the formulas we tried, so then with the help of a nutritionist we tried dairy milk, plant based milk, like almond milk, and everything we tried..he again, had a violent reaction to," she said.
"I was really concerned, as a parent watching your child trying all the different kinds of products and getting violently ill from all of them," said Gabriel.
Mandy says doctors labeled him "failure to thrive" because of his low weight. She had heard about "Mothers' Milk Bank" when they had their first daughter Ava.
"The turnaround in his health was almost immediate," said Mandy.
He was able to keep it down and started gaining weight.
The donated milk is primarily used for premature babies and those with the milk bank say the women donating are saving lives.
"Anywhere from 80-100 people are actually donating at one time but we need more. We were only able to bring a small amount of milk to Gareth today because that's all we had and there are babies who could potentially go without if we don't get some more donations," said Laraine Lockhart Borman, manager of Mothers' Milk Bank.
If you'd like more information on donating or call 877-458-5503.


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