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Mar 14, 2014 7:38 PM by Annie Snead

Your Healthy Family: Local cancer survivor helping others

A local teen who's a cancer survivor is working to help other kids battling the same fight.
"Knowing that I had leukemia, I feel like it's kind of my mission, and it should be something that I'm obligated to do, to help others to come over their circumstances," said Damarcus McGill.
Damarcus McGill was diagnosed with leukemia as a toddler.
Now he's a 15-year survivor and a senior at Harrison High School.
But along with preparing for tests and his freshman year of college.
He's working to help others he's never met like 7-year-old Richard who faces the diagnosis of leukemia.
"If you look at him you can't really tell that something like this, he's fighting with, he just looks like a normal 7-year-old who's really happy," he said.
Through his leadership class in school, they're raising funds to make Richard's wish of going to Disney World come true.
He says through helping others -- he's realized just how fortunate he is.
"He's the kind of person, he's going to be really quiet but he's going to make a huge impact through what he does not through his words," said his Leadership Advisor Phil Herfendal.
He says Damarcus has a big heart for helping others.
His message for others going through a tough time: "It's all about your attitude and your mental state, so if you look at your life in a positive way I think that will help you get through it," said Damarcus.
If you would like to help here's a link for more information:


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