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Jul 8, 2014 7:52 PM by Annie Snead

Your Healthy Family: Local woman gives back to parents of preemies

A local woman decided to give back to Children's Hospital Colorado.
After spending weeks in the hospital with her son in the NICU, Jessica Gallagher wanted to do something special for other families going through a stressful time.
"We're very lucky," said Jessica Gallagher.
Her son Michael was born early and spent five weeks in the hospital.
"We had a condition that did not allow him to get the necessary nutrients and oxygen from myself to him. And I knew that I had that from about halfway through my pregnancy and that it might end up resulting in an early delivery," she said.
While Jessica was somewhat prepared, it was still a difficult time.
"Some of the days were really wonderful, he was gaining weight really well, he was eating everything he was supposed to eat and other days it was not very good and he hadn't progressed very much at all," said Gallagher.
Knowing the struggles families face, Jessica decided to do something special for Michael's first birthday.
Instead of gifts she asked people to give donations.
Cooler bags are filled with ice packs for moms to transfer their milk, a toy for the baby when they get out, and a stress ball.
"The bags also have gift cards in them, one is for gasoline because people have to do a lot of driving when they have a baby here, and one is for coffee for the coffee stand in the lobby," said Gallagher.
Which those with Children's Hospital Colorado say will be much appreciated.
"It's just a wonderful gift to the families that we now have in our unit who are going through the same thing that Jessica went through last year," said Karen Tolley, the clinical manager of the NICU.
Jessica says for other parents going through it - while it's challenging, try your best to stay positive.


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